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Licence Application Method

How to Obtain Licence

Business licences can be obtained from the Marang District Council (MDM) Department of Licensing which is the main hub for licences within MDM.

Required Actions :

Obtain the application form for free at the Department of Licensing. For business licences you are required to fill in the forms first.

The documents required are as follows : A Business Registration Memorandum or the Business Registration Certificate. 5 copies of the location plans showing the proposed business site. 1 copy of the agreement with the building owner (if the building is not owned by the proprietor). 1 copy of the Certificate of Fitness for Occupation (CFO)/ Receipt for property assessment / land ownership grant. 3 copies of 3R sized photographs of the premises (front view). A processing fee of RM 3 is imposed on all applications for licences.


For advertisement / billboard licences, you are required to fill in PPKP2 form.

The documents required are as follows: Two (2) copies of the draft showing full information of the advertisement. A location plan of the proposed site. One (1) copy of the business registration for business advertisements or a MDM business licence. Structure plans certified by a registered architect/engineer verifying that the structure is stable and sturdy. (For applications of wall signs / boards and sky signs only). Completed forms are to be submitted to the Department of Development and Business Controls, MDM. A processing fee of RM 3.00 will be imposed.

The processing period will take no more than 25 days if all requirements are completed.