The Marang District Council (MDM)  website expands to provide a clear policy for public users clarifying the regulations and guidelines of their participation on the website.

MDM  welcomes you to its online portal. We appreciate your use of the tools we made available through our website. MDM relies on your valuable participation and contributions to develop its programmes and its communication tools.

In order to provide you with the latest updates and with the opportunity to join in the process of developing and improving our services, MDM’s website adopted a number of tools to enhance communication, i.e. discussion and debates forums and opinion polls. In addition, the website allows for the creation of official pages on social media networking sites such as facebook and twitter.

Hence, MDM welcomes all objective and constructive discussions on the website while preserving the right of publishing. We urge our visitors to abide the following:

1. Avoid discussing political issues
2. Use appropriate language
3. Proper use of language either English or Bahasa Melayu

Communication channels :

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