YDP Anuar

Assalamualaikum W.B.T. and Salam Bahagia. Welcome to the official Portal of Marang District Council.

The Marang District Council would like to take the opportunity through this portal to thank everyone visiting this MDM portal. It is our hope that the portal will guide the visitors with regard to information and services provided in MDM as follows:

  1. MDM Info
  2. e-Services
  3. Online payment (e - Payment)
  4. OSC Online
  5. e - Tender
  6. e-Complaint
  8. Online Forms

It is hoped that this portal, to some extent, will guide the visitors in dealing with MDM.

Finally I welcome everyone to visit the MDM Portal.

Wasalam and Salam Bahagia
Thank you


Tuan Haji Anuar bin Awang

Yang Dipertua
Marang District Council.