1. Action on public complaint will be taken within {7 working days}

  2. Over the counter payment is be completed within 5 minutes

  3. Payment to supplier/contractor is to be made within 1 day (provided all documents are in order)

  4. Registration of ownership transfer is be completed within {7 working days}

  5. Review on rental information is to be completed in 20 minutes

  6. New tenancy application is processed within 11 month

  7. Approval for building plan is as follows:

    • Building plan for single unit house 21 working days

    • Building plan for more than I unit of houses 2 months

  8. Application approval for business and advertisement licenses is as follows:-

    • Business/composite premise license {40 working days}

    • Billboard license {3 working days}

    • Hawker license {5 working days}

    • Banner/bunting permit {30 minutes}

    • Entertainment/sales carnival permit {5 working days}Entertainment/sales carnival permit {5 working days}

  9. Compounds settlement is within 20 minutes

  10. Release of seized animal is to be completed within 30 minutes