Before 1985, Marang District is made up of only 4 areas that is Rusila, Pulau Kerengga, Jerung, and Merchang with a population of 54,996. Since January 1, 1985 Marang District was enlarged with the addition of 2 new areas that is Bukit Payong and Alur Limbat previously under the administration of Kuala Terengganu District. The land size is 43.10 square km comprising of 13 villages. However, on Februari 15, 1996, Marang District Council again was enlarged to the present Marang District with a land size of 666.54 square km.

      Effective February 15, 1996 Marang District Council covers the area of 666.54 square km comprising of 6 areas, that is::

  • Rusila
  • Pulau Kerengga
  • Merchang
  • Jerong
  • Bukit Payung
  • Alor Limbat


      This means that the entire Marang District is Marang District Council's administrative area