What is Assessment Tax

General Assessment Tax is a property tax levied on all properties / property in the administrative area of ​​the Council based on the annual and annual rate basis as provided for under the Local Government Act 1976 (Act 171).

Why Assessment should be imposed?

General Assessment Tax imposed is intended to finance:

Needs infrastructure construction and maintenance of public facilities and infrastructure such as the provision of public lighting, booths and bus stops, public toilets, field, recreation, public markets, roads, drainage and so on.

Providing cleaning services in local authority areas such as residential areas, businesses, factories, parks and public places through garbage collection service, grass cutting, landscaping, beautification of the city and others.

To provide and maintain a food court, street lights and drains in the area of ​​focus, all of this is to ensure the welfare of the people, especially residents in the local authority area.

How Assessment accounted for?

General Assessment Tax imposed is based on the annual value and percent of annual rate.

The current annual value based on the current level of rental values ​​as the basis of calculation of the process of preparing the valuation list in force.

The annual rate during the gazetted and worn by category type of property, area of ​​construction and location of the property.

Example calculations

If a holding property has:

Monthly rental value         : RM 400.00

Annual value                     : RM 400.00 X 12 = RM 4,800.00

Annual rate                         : 4%


General Assessment of with holding tax are as follows:

RM 4,800.00 x 4% = RM 192.00 per year